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Karaite Jews Heritage Center

מרכז מורשת בני-מקרא
מרכז מורשת בני-מקרא
מרכז מורשת בני-מקרא

Bnei Mikra Community

Before you is a first and extensive introduction to the world of the Bnei Mikra community,
To the heritage of an ancient community that lives among the people, and living from Jewish sources.
The Center presents comprehensive historical materials that faithfully express the contribution of the Bnei Mikra community to the history of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel and its dispersions, and presents an important chapter in the life of the nation and the life of Jerusalem.

Come Visit

​Groups and individuals are welcome, the duration of the visit is 45 minutes.
Opening Hours
Sun-Thur   8:30-16:30
Friday - upon request
The Address
8 Karaite st.
The Jewish courter
Old city Jerusalem, Israel

The Karaite Synagogue in Jerusalem

It is the oldest of the synagogues in Jerusalem. It was established in the 8th century AD and is located on Karaite Street in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.

The synagogue was built during the reign of Rabbi Anan Ben David, who came to Jerusalem from Babylon with several of his followers and asked for the permission of the Caliph of the Abbasid dynasty Ja'far al-Mansur to build a synagogue. The Caliph rejected the request, in order to prevent the possibility that non-Muslim prayer houses in Jerusalem would be taller than the mosques. Ben David then proposed to build an underground synagogue and above it a residential building.


The building of the synagogue was permitted only on the condition that there were no windows in it so that the worshipers would not be heared outside the building, thus only weak light penetrates through the glass-covered chimneys into the prayer hall.

The Karaite Heritage  Center

A fascinating and unique place near the most ancient synagogue in the world. it is worthwhile to come and see firsthand how the Karaite community preserves the written path to this day and its contribution to the preservation of the Hebrew language."

"A fascinating tour. We learned a lot about the community and are excited to learn more. Because our family originates from Egypt, it was particularly interesting to hear about the Karaite community that existed in Egypt. Thanks to Avi Yeffet for the fascinating explanations!"

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8 Karaite st. The old city,
Jerusalem, Israel.
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Visitors fee

Adult  |  20 Nis

Kids  |  15 Nis

Students/pensioners   |   15 Nis

Groups of 20 and up    |  15 Nis per person

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