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About the Bnei Mikra Heritage Center


Karaite Jews Heritage Center

About the Karaite Jews Haeitage Center

At long last and praise to the Almighty, the Universal Karaite Judaism (UKJ) is pleased to announce the opening of the Karaite Heritage Center. The Heritage Center is built in three underground levels around the world's oldest active synagogue, located on Karaite Street in Jerusalem.
The tour begins with a short film about the community, from different perspectives - both from members of the community and from the academic world – which provides the viewer a broad understanding of the Karaite Jews.
The following two levels display ancient manuscripts and replications, written by Karaite sages throughout the generations. The exhibition includes visual exhibits, audio clips from various piyyutim: a circumcision ceremony, a Passover Seder and Shabbat songs by girls of the community. 
The highlight of the tour is the observation of the synagogue through two upper windows.

The Karaite Heritage Center  
The guided tour is suitable for groups and individuals, and takes 45 minutes.
לפרטים והזמנות: 02-6286688
מרכז מורשת בני-מקרא
מרכז מורשת בני-מקרא
מרכז מורשת בני-מקרא

Who are the Karaite Jews?


Why did they call upon Jews of the Diaspora in the tenth century to abandon exile and immigrate to the Land of Israel and Jerusalem? At the Karaite Heritage Center, you will discover the origins of the community and hear about the golden age of a community that has lived in Jerusalem since the 8th century, and its great contribution to preserving the Bible and the Hebrew language we speak.

The center is located in the complex of ​​the oldest synagogue in the world where people are still praying. The center features a film that presents the story of the community from a number of angles and from different points of view - from the academic world to members of the community. In the lower levels are reproductions of rare and ancient manuscripts written by the Karaite Sages throughout the generations (have you ever heard of the Aleppo Codex?). The exhibition focuses on the uniqueness of the Karaites and their interpretation of holy days and customs, and includes objects, audio passages of liturgical poems from various ceremonies, including a circumcision ceremony, a Passover Seder and Shabbat songs of the community girls. The highlight of the tour is a glimpse into the synagogue, which introduces the viewer with the ancient synagogue in Jerusalem where the Karaite Jews pray on carpets and without shoes, and which has preserved its uniqueness for hundreds of years.

Community centers in Israel and abroad 


Jerusalem: The oldest synagogue in the country, located in the Jewish Quarter on Karaite Street. Ramla (spiritual center of the community) 2 synagogues in the city. Bat Yam, Ashdod, Beit Ezra, Kiryat Gat, Moshav Matzliah, Be'er Sheva, Arad, Ofakim, Moshav Ranan.
Each spiritual center in Israel contains a synagogue and usually a beit midrash or a convention hall that serves the members of the community for their religious needs (prayers, blessings, lighting of oil lamps) and congregations (alliances, weddings, memorials, etc.). In each center, daily prayers are held (morning and evening), Shabbat services and Rosh Chodesh prayers and holidays. A Torah lesson is held once a week on the weekly Torah portion and Halachot. Every Rosh Chodesh we hold a festive prayer and a community meeting for all members of the community, accompanied by light refreshments and singing, with the purpose of solidifying the community. There are also spiritual centers of the community in the Diaspora in France, USA, Turkey, Russia.

​The foundations of our religion and the principles of faith


Jewish Karaite faith and law are based on three principles:
Scripture: All the commandments written in the Holy Torah that were given to Moses at Mount Sinai (the mitzva of "do" and "do not do").
The analogy is the study of interpretations of the laws of the Torah by comparing them to other laws in the Torah, and the adaptation of one's life and actions at any time to the spirit of the commandments written in the Torah without adding or detracting from the text. For example: "Cursed is anyone who leads the blind astray on the road" (Deuteronomy 27:18) Prohibition of all matters of fraud and concealment in negotiations in business commerce or any other field.
Succession mass Tradition or customs (such as how to perform ritual slaughter, circumcision, and marriage ceremonies) that pass from one generation to the next, provided that they do not contradict the Torah. These precepts are written and the Torah did not elaborate upon them the manner in which they were to be performed, and so placed the matter on the ancient custom.

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Visitors fee

Adult  |  20 Nis

Kids  |  10 Nis

Students/pensioners   |   15 Nis

Groups of 20 and up    |   15 Nis per person

Guided Team  150  Nis

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